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Can You Help Us Record Wildlife Species at Yelvertoft Pocket Park?

The Yelvertoft Pocket Park Species List is far from a complete list of species using the site, it is dependent on people recording wildlife and submitting their sightings. Recording wildlife at the pocket park is important to inform the habitat management of the site.

Regular recording of species will help us monitor species using the habitats and also will provide knowledge to the wider Biological Recording projects which use the records to monitor our environment.

You can send your wildlife records direct to Yelvertoft Pocket Park via email or by using the form below. If you intend to record regularly you may wish to submit you records monthly/quarterly/annually listed on a excel spread sheet. Alternatively you may wish to send your records direct to the Northamptonshire Biodiversity Records Centre or use Irecord.

Illustration by Claire McElfatrick of a Kestrel that can be seen perching in Yelvertoft Pocket Park in Northamptonshire or hovering in the air.
Illustration by Claire McElfatrick of a Yellowhammer wild bird that can be seen at Yelvertoft Pocket Park in Northamptonshire.

The information required for each species record should include:

Who: The name of the recorder and the person who identified the species.

What: The name of the species or group it belongs to.

Where: The location where you observed the species. Provide the site name and grid reference.

When: The date, dd/mm/yyyy

You can add additional information to the record if you wish, such as: in flower, male, female, adult, juvenile, abundance, photo, specimen, method of survey.

Please do share your wildlife sightings as this helps celebrate our fantastic wildlife space for all the community to enjoy.

Wildlife recording submission form

Can you help us look after our Pocket Park?


There is a great feeling of satisfaction when you volunteer to look after a natural area which gives so much pleasure to many visitors. Why not get involved in any way that fits the time you may have available?

There are regular practical conservation jobs as well as helping with general administration, social media, promotion, fundraising and wildlife recording, some of which can be done at home.

Can you donate or help us raise funds?


We are a voluntary group and raising funds is a challenge. If you would like to help us with a donation of any amount we would be delighted.

We would welcome any enquiries about sponsorship, whether it is for new features, habitat creation or improvement, materials or activities.

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