Drone Video Footage of Yelvertoft Pocket ParkĀ 

Yelvertoft Pocket Park’s Large Pond Over Recent Years

Yelvertoft Pocket Park’s Large Pond Over Recent Years

Work by local illustrator Claire McElfatrick used on the Yelvertoft Pocket Park signage

Can you help us look after our Pocket Park?


There is a great feeling of satisfaction when you volunteer to look after a natural area which gives so much pleasure to many visitors. Why not get involved in any way that fits the time you may have available?

There are regular practical conservation jobs as well as helping with general administration, social media, promotion, fundraising and wildlife recording, some of which can be done at home.

Can you donate or help us raise funds?


We are a voluntary group and raising funds is a challenge. If you would like to help us with a donation of any amount we would be delighted.

We would welcome any enquiries about sponsorship, whether it is for new features, habitat creation or improvement, materials or activities.

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